At Home Fitness

Fitness does not have to be difficult. We make it fun and effective. Get access to our library of virtual workouts, join us for over 40 Live-Streaming Workouts per week or get customized programming just for you!  Every plan is adaptable for every person. Whether it's in your garage or your living room, we've got you covered. 


Can you stick to a diet for 21 Days? Most people can. How about a lifetime? Our 21 Day Nutrition Plan will help you build a foundation for healthy living...for Life! No calorie counting. No "Twig and Berries" diet that starves you. A Nutrition Plan to build a life on!

Personalized Coaching

Our Coaching Staff is in your corner. Our online support and access to our coaching team is the final piece you need in the "Success Pie!". Get nutrition tips, workout advice, accountability support and more...at just the swipe of a thumb on the nearest mobile device (hopefully your own! haha)

If Beach Body, Weight Watchers and Planet Fitness had a baby.....

Blue Titan was established in 2011 by Eric Basek, a former Police Officer, 2nd Degree Krav Maga Black Belt and Level 3 CrossFit Coach. In 2019, with his world class staff of instructors and coaches, he established Blue Titan On Demand! If Beach Body, Weight Watchers and Planet Fitness had a baby, this would be the product! A constantly growing virtual database of fitness, nutrition and self-defense content with a world class community and personalized support you simply cannot get from corporate America.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what other locals had to say...

"I spent 36 wks with Coach Amanda. I never felt pressured or like I was starving myself. I didn't even start exercising for 6 months, losing nearly all the weight with good habits and walking alone! Amanda - you changed my life! Love you!" -Barb

"I'm not going to say my age, but it's over 60, lol, and I feel AMAZING! Thanks Coach Amanda" -Beth

"The best part? The changes were in my habits and because of that, I've been able to continue my health and fitness since leaving the coaching program! No more yo-yo diets! Thanks Coach Amanda!" -Roxy

"I'm 43 and in the fittest shape of my life. C-Section and I still am able to see abs again! It's hard to describe how great it is to look at your reflection and feel amazing!" -Amanda

"Surgery was a temporary fix, but soon I was worst than before! Now, thanks to Amanda and this coaching program, I am playing TENNIS again!" -Bill

"Who knows what would have happened if I had gotten COVID before losing 50 Pounds with Coach Eric" -Girard

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Who is Blue Titan?

Blue Titan was founded by former Police Officer Eric Basek and his wife Amanda in 2011 (Pictures with their son Logan!). Eric is one of only a handful of Level 3 CrossFit Coaches in NJ, he is a Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach and possesses his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga!

Eric also sits on the board of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Charity, serving kids in NJ with After-School Programs and helping raise over $1 Million Dollars for the National Chapter in 2019!

Blue Titan has helped thousands of people change their lives and discover their "Best Selves". Will you be next? 

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